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Southern Nevada Real Estate Inspections

Purchasing property is one of the largest financial decisions most will make. To protect your investment, get a professional inspection by one of our highly trained inspectors. Insight Property Inspections, LLC. can provide a prompt impartial analysis of the structural and mechanical systems to help you make an informed decision. Our certified inspectors, using state of the art technology will identify positive and negative findings of the property to assist you in evaluating the condition of the property. Insight Property Inspections, as an associate member of Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors, Inc. (GLVAR), has SentriLock Key access to all Las Vegas area properties just like the realtor.

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Why are Real Estate Inspections Important?

Due to the fact that a buyer or seller has already put in a significant amount of time and money into the process, why is hiring an independent inspector a wise choice? It is important so that you can make a more accurate assessment of the property. Is the A/C and heating system working properly ? Is the roof in need of repair ? Are there any structural problems with the home. But it is more than just that.

Real Estate Inspection Will Ensure Safety

Real estate inspections are also about the safety, for all parties involved. There are many instances where a repair reveals a health and safety risk. The most seemingly minor issues can turn into major ones in an instant! An electrical short can cause a fire. A water leak can mean that there is mold on the premises. If any one of these issues pop up, then those using the property are in danger.

Thus, when the people of Las Vegas call on an inspector they are not only safeguarding their possible investments, but are also protecting people from both physical and financial harm.

Thus, when the people of Mt. Charleston call on an inspector they are not only safeguarding their possible investments, but are also protecting people from both physical and financial harm.

Insight Property Inspections Will Save you Money

In most cases the cost of an inspection will be recouped, in repairs or discovery of defects, in the final negotiation for the purchase of a home. Insight offers appointments for home and building inspections, 6 days a week, at convenient hours for buyers, sellers, investors, business owners, or realtors, in the Southern Nevada region. Whether you are buying a home or selling commercial property, we'll put your mind at ease with a detailed written inspection. You'll see how our report functions as a valuable tool during the negotiation process. Many times the cost of the inspection will be recouped in repairs made before the close of escrow.

As owner of the company my goal is providing the help you need when making your home purchase. My experience in the inspection trades can help you avoid problems and surprises that could lead to costly repairs.

Insight Inspection Services Include

  • Residential home inspection
  • Pre-listing home inspection
  • Pre-purchase home inspection
  • Commercial building inspection ( under 10,000 square feet ).
  • State-of-the-art services (Infrared thermography, digital telephoto lens cameras and more)
  • Real Estate Inspection
  • Structural/Mechanical Inspection

Inspection Reports – A Valuable Business Tool

Our report includes a summary page at the beginning of the report. The summary consists of potentially significant findings in an easy to read format. These findings could be a water leak, safety hazard, a deficiency requiring a major expenses to correct or items I would like to draw your attention to. This feature makes it easier to locate and discuss the major findings of a report.

Inspection reports are delivered within 24 hrs of completion of an inspection. Our State of Nevada licence inspectors perform complete interior and exterior evaluations of residential properties. These include detailed reports, delivered in PDF format for any damage or deficiency discovered within the structure or mechanical systems, along with qualified repair recommendations. Our inspection reports function as valuable negotiation tools during a real estate transaction.

Quality Real Estate Inspections

We are a member of InterNACHI and adhere to the standard of practice ( SOP ) guidelines that they have established. Our team of dedicated professionals are extensively trained and attend seminars and workshops throughout the year on new developments in the field.

We invite you to have a look at the rest of our website or contact us with any questions you may have.

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